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Baccarat: More tuxedo than T-shirt Although blackjack and poker appeal to the masses, baccarat is a card game that draws a far more upscale and refined crowd. You’re more likely to see tuxedos than T-shirts playing this game. But everyone is welcome, so even if you don’t have a penguin costume in your closet, check out baccarat for a game that’s simple to play (just bet on the bank) and has fair odds

For the complete lowdown on baccarat, read Chapter 10. Let It Ride, Pai Gow, and other table games Beyond the traditional favorites, several other table games have developed a strong following. Today, most casinos intersperse Caribbean Stud poker, Let It Ride, Pai Gow, and Three Card poker tables throughout their pits.

These games are fun diversions when you need a change of pace, but a word of caution: Don’t play too long. These games have odds that may make you wish you’d gotten mugged instead of gone gambling. Unless you have a pas- sion for these games (along with a bottomless bank account), don’t make a habit of playing them. I tell you why in Chapter 11. Turning to machine games For some folks, the intimidation factor of table games is too much to bear.

Excuse me while I dab the tears from my eyes, but I’m touched when I realize that nearly all casino operators — through the goodness of their hearts — thoughtfully accommodate shy gamblers by supplying acres of go-solo gaming machines. Even the most timid gambler can enjoy a satisfying time at these machines — no bluffing by other players, no angry gamblers if you hit or stand at the wrong time, and no embarrassment about table rules. The lone gambler squares off against a machine (or in the case of the loony gambler, against several machines at once). Just remember that the best and worst that the casino has to offer are often sitting side by side. This section looks more closely at slot machines and video poker, two entirely different beasts. They have very different rules and very different odds. This section also briefly discusses keno and bingo.


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